How do I register in e-Charak?

Registration in e-Charak is quite simple. Just follow these 2 simple steps and you will be able to enjoy the numerous benefits offered by this tool.
1. On Home Page of e-Charak, click New User? Join Now! https://echarak.in/nmpbhelpline/registerweb
2. Fill up the registration form and Complete Registration.
3. Once submitted, a notification mail will be sent to you. Login to the tool and start using the services.

How do I post an item for sale?

To post your items for sale, the process is fairly simple. Follow the following steps and your item will be up for sale instantly.
1. Login to the e-Charak platform.
2. Click on ?Post an Item? .
3. Select Category->Sub-Category->Product, where your item can be suitably placed. [Note: If Item does't fit in any of the category/sub-category/product, contact administrator (Email : indg@cdac.in ) for support]
4. Give details about your item and submit. Your item will be visible on the home page of e-Charak.

How do I show interest to buy an item?

You can show interest by following the below mentioned steps:
1. For Guest User:

  • Click on the item of your choice to view the full information.
  • Click on "Contact Now" Fill in your requirements/ queries and Submit. Your message will be shared with the user who posted the item.
2. For Registered User:
  • After login, Click on the item of your interest.
  • Use the "Add Response" feature and post your message to the user who posted the item

What do I do if the item I want to sell does't fit any product-category structure?

If you do not find a suitable category / sub-category / product to post your items, please write to the administrator Email : indg@cdac.in.